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We provide all-in-one AdTech for  indoor and

Elevator advertising powered by artificial intelligence 

Convert elevator riders and visitors

into customers

What we do


Digital Signage Solutions

& AdTech

For elevator advertising & indoor media networks

DOOH Advertising Data management platforms.
Elevator advertising network management systems.
Ad exchanges, digital out-of-home networks, and servers

Professional elevator

advertising projectors

Professional elevators advertising and out of home digital  display with  advanced brightness LCD panels,

Kiosks, Touch Screens,

media players for out of home digital advertising


AV Integrator China

Digital display In-store installation,

Content & Software management solutions

We help brands to create immersive customer ad selling  In store Digital Signage Solutions. 

Digital Screens Installations for retail stores in China


Advertising in China

On a turn-key basis

Outdoor & Indoor, elevator advertising media buying

services in China

China Social Media Campaigns

Off-line campaigns


OEM Digital Signage Solutions

Manufacturing of professional Digital Signage for digital elevator advertising and indoor spaces solutions in China

DOOH Advertising LCD, OLED Displays

Interactive touch screens

Laser & LED  projectors for in elevator advertising, indoor advertising

Media Players -OS windows, Android

Our Advantage 

Shanghai based expert team with local valuable knowledge 

With our expert multilingual team based in China, we have direct access to the technologies, assembling factories. We  are an experts in Elevator advertising, DOOH Advertising, Digital media and Digital Signage technologies  delivering high responsive and cost-effective results.  Our team are a media geeks over10 years of experience in media business in China and internationally. 

Indoor AdTech 

Vast variety of Indoor & Elevator advertising AdTech Digital Signage solutions  

Premium Digital Signage Quality

Manufacturing in China

Digital Signage Acceleration

We support Software developers for Adtech Media

Full Customer Experience Service

Before and aftersales 

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