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We connect your Brand with Local Audience

By choosing right strategy & creating right opportunity 

Our unique strength is being connected with multiple media channels across all major cities in China. We create a great chance for your Brand to connect emotionally with your key audience.  

We provide you with a wide range of advertising possibilities where we take care of your campaign work flow, choose the right location and adapt content in comply with local government regulations. 

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People spend more time than ever away from home. City is a one big ecosystem. We offer visual, audio and out-of-home advertising for effective communication, reaching all demographics throughout the consumer journey.

Advertising in China Airports

We provide media spaces for advertising in Airports and on the way, like:  Outdoor highway billboards, Airports indoor Digital Displays, Light boxes, Air on Board Printed Media for business class and on location promotions in Airports. 

City Advertising in China

Out of Home City advertising gives a great exposure for your Brand in China. Subway, City centers, Bus stations, Radio Channels, Vehicles or even advertising on a sightseeing boat or a ferry, this is just a small fraction of our media network. 


Shopping Malls Advertising in China

Advertising Promotions in a Shopping malls allow your brand to target audience in a wider focus, interact, collect marketing and sales driven data on location and to increase sales revenues. 

Railways advertising in China

Railway station is a heart of a China economy. Millions of passengers are travelling daily using the "Gaotie" - the fast speed trains and regular trains all over the country. Most of the local brands are using railway stations for reaching their audience from  second and third tiers cities. If your target is this Audience than, railway stations is your right advertising channel.   

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Media buying in China

Working across all Great China, we provide to our customers with relevant market information and marketing tools to ensure that our customer will get the best from their Advertising Campaign Budgets.  

Advertising Agency services in China

Before running into advertising campaign in China, our team  will provide you our strategy vision how and where better to place your  advertising.  We use creative and sales oriented approach. 

Sales Oriented DOOH campaigns

All our solutions enables us to challenge the brief, set KPI’s. We perform thorough target audience analysis, stimulate creativity and maximize client investment using mixed technologies from  traditional to digital and market experts. 

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