Weekly Column. The Power Of Elevator Advertising. EUROPE. No.1

We are starting with a new weekly column about Elevator Advertising, in which we will briefly give information about the situation around the elevator advertising market in different regions of the world. This week we are focusing it on the UK and Ireland. Without a doubt, 2020 was one of the most challenging periods for the medium. However, some of the country’s biggest brands continued to strategically invest in DOOH during that time and we see the sharp recovery after a lockdown in Ireland across July and August is evident. The business has also recovered in the UK, albeit to a lesser degree. Entrepreneurs are growing in numbers, frustrated, struggling and, what’s more, they’re craving so

New official partnership with VSDirect.

Eastidea Integrated Solutions is thrilled to officially announce a partnership with VSDirect to distribute our cutting-edge products for sustainable elevator advertising in the UK and Ireland. “We have a strong commitment to grow our AI-powered Ad system for advertising in elevators and believe VSDirect, with its national coverage of the trade, Brand & Marketing solutions, will be a great partner for delivering high-quality service in the UK and Ireland." August 20, 2020 - Eastidea Integrated Solutions is thrilled to officially announce a partnership with VSDirect beginning August 20th, 2020 where VSDirect proudly will take responsibility for delivering innovative products Ei-Mini Lifter & E

Eastidea x Elevator World Magazine August 2020 Issue

Eastidea® products have been mentioned in Elevator World's August 2020 issue! Eastidea’s products – Ei-Mini Lifter and Ei-Slim Dual – digital out-of-home advertising solutions can help your advertising business to stand out from the competition with real-time dynamic messaging and viewing experience. “… a good advertisement should be memorable, …” Main features of Eastidea® products are available on our official website: https://www.yeastidea.com/ei-products To learn more about Eastidea® product and services: https://www.yeastidea.com/integrated-solutions

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