Chag Sukkot Sameach!

Sukkot is one of the most joyful Jewish holidays, so it is referred to as Z'man Simchateinu, the Season of our Rejoicing! We wish all wh

Happy Golden Week! 快乐黄金周!

Just in two days, Chinese people will celebrate their traditional #TheMidAutumnFestival and #NationalDay! The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of

#WeeklyColumn No.6. The Power Of Elevator Advertising. The South Asia.

With today's issue, we begin to look at a new region - Asia. This issue will focus on South Asian countries particularly. Which countries belong to this region? Who is the leader? And what is the current situation in the field of elevators and escalators industry? South Asia region consists 8 countries South Asia or Southern Asia is the southern region of Asia, which is defined in both geographical and ethno-cultural terms. The region consists of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Increasing number of foreign tourists have driven the construction of new hotels, shopping malls et cetera. Projected growth in the construction market, increasing

S1E5. Video Analytics For Indoor Ad. Usage Scenario - Elevators.

2020-09-17 ISSUE NO4. AI-Driven Video Analytics For Location-Based Advertising. Hello and welcome back to our email blast related to Video Analytics for DOOH. This debut issue and each following e-mail series will be related to locations where the video analytics brings the biggest benefits to DOOH Ad campaigns. Elevators and lobby in the residential condos & office buildings. Ei products can be placed in high traffic locations throughout residential condos & office buildings. These locations include elevators, lobbies, mailrooms, and parking garages. You can mix the broadcasting content to display not only advertisements but also crucial information communicated by the management of the bui

#WeeklyColumn. No.5: The Power Of Elevator Advertising. The Middle East.

Today we will talk about a new region - the Middle East or the Arab countries. Which countries belong to this region? Which countries stand out from others? And what is the current situation regarding elevators’ installations in the region? Read below! The Arab World consists of 22 countries in the Middle East and North Africa: Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Morocco, Mauritania, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, the Comoros Islands, Iraq, Djibouti, and the United Arab Emirates. Although a looming financial crisis has cast a pall of worry over the world, the Arab countries have traditionally been known for its economically p

S1E4. Video Analytics For Indoor Ad. Say ‘Yes’ to Privacy!

2020-09-17 ISSUE NO4. We Say ‘Yes’ to Privacy! Video analytics has improved dramatically in recent years. What has changed is the high level of accuracy with which video analytics systems can perform and advancements in video analytics technology have increased facial recognition abilities. Retailers are a massive market for video analytics. They use it to obtain information about customer flow, hot spots (places within the store that are most frequented by customers), line lengths, product placement, and in-store advertising effectiveness. Advertising agencies use video analytics to measure the impact of an ad to a passerby or bystander. These solutions can detect a face (including if it’s

#WeeklyColumn. The Power Of Elevator Advertising. EUROPE. No.4

2020-09-11 The Power Of Elevator Advertising. ISSUE No.4 EUROPE: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece & Israel. This is the fourth weekly column devoted to advertising in elevators and today we finish our review of the European Region with the countries of southern Europe. In the next issues, we will talk in more detail about the countries of the Middle East and Southeast Asia. All right, today we will run through some countries of southern Europe, many of which belong to the Mediterranean basin-Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece. And together with them, we will take a peek into Israel and see what is happening there. The ELA Statistical Committee says the data for 2018 shows a slight increase in the

S1E3. Video Analytics For Indoor Ad & Advertising Business Models. CPM or CPV?

In previous issues, we discussed with you what based on artificial intelligence video analytics is, what advantages advertisers can get by using it, and why it is so important to have it today. Today we will look at what advertising strategies are usually used when implementing video analytics solutions. Well, thanks to video analytics, we can get a huge amount of statistical information about the number of views, audience engagement, emotions people counting, and their behavior! There are TWO most popular strategies that advertisers use: 1. CPM model 2. CPV (PV) model We are pretty sure many of you, or most likely ALL of you, are familiar with buying traffic using the CPM method. You basica

#WeeklyColumn. The Power Of Elevator Advertising. EUROPE. No.3

In previous issues, we talked about such European countries as Germany, The UK, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, and Austria. In this issue, we will move a little to the East. Namely, let's see how things are with elevators in Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia. It is important to bear in mind that the digital indoor and outdoor advertising market vary widely, and the growth is related to, first of all, such segments where new technologies or approaches are integrated actively. Experts noted the out-of-home advertising market in Russia in 2019 and 2020 will grow only by 5% and 6% respectively, as follows from the forecast of the ADV Group. An increase in advertisers’ expenditures on D

S1E2. Video Analytics in Programmatic Advertising.

[Limited Series] Hi there and thanks for staying with us! Here’s the 2nd part of our Limited Series about Video Analytics in DOOH Advertising. Before we dive into the second part I want to remind you that in a previous issue we were talking about what video analytics basically is and what benefits you can get by using it for DOOH advertising purposes. You missed it, you say? Well, no worries, because it is still available here for you to check out! As we said before, DOOH advertising has become an increasingly competitive playing field and also a highly profitable business, so you should do it in the right way. Getting into the DOOH market does mean you’re already having a very difficult str


It was just over a month ago that we announced our membership to DPAA Association, and since then, we have taken more steps to improve our presence at the North America market. What a month it has been too, as a 'rookie' we do really appreciate what being part of the DPAA network is all about. It’s so much more than we imagined as we sent our first email to the Association 2 month ago, to be honest! We’re engaging in projects across geographies and time zones that previously were doubtful. The community is breath-taking; I love it and am genuinely excited about sharing a beer with our new DPAA friends when travel bans are over! All in, we’re here for the long stay and look forward to the fur

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