#WeeklyColumn No.8. The Power Of Elevator Advertising. Japan!

2020-10-23 ISSUE 6.4 Japan Hello everybody! We decided to dedicate this article not to the whole region as we did before, but to one single country. It is known globally as being one of the leaders not only in the production of elevators but also has been ranked as one of the top countries in terms of the number of existing elevators. Yes, you got it! We are talking about Japan. In Japan elevator and escalator industry has high investment from the government. In Japan elevator and escalator industry having a stable economy of the country and having a high investment of government for the development of the public infrastructure. Japan is leading a very strong economy in the world. The real e

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#BecomeOurDistributor For EI-InfraVision IR Body Temperature Screening Camera. We are inviting you to become our Ei-InfraVision, IR thermal imaging camera distributor in your country. Take advantage of today’s skyrocketing demand for smart solutions to boost your business with our advanced products! For more information about the product, delivery, payment terms, or any other matter, please drop us an email and we will back to you shortly. Eastidea Partner Program: https://www.yeastidea.com/partners-program Eastidea Products: https://www.yeastidea.com/ei-products Email: info@yeastidea.com Twitter: @yeastidea Facebook: @eastideaintegrated Instagram: @eastidea_integrated_solutions YouTube: yo

S1E6. Video Analytics For Indoor Ad. Usage Scenario - Beauty Salons & Barbershops.

2020-10-15 AI-Driven Video Analytics For Location-Based Advertising Hello, our readers! We are back from vacation with a new e-newsletter designed to keep you informed about Video Analytics for DOOH. We continue to talk about different locations, where you can make the most of video analytics technology in order to maximize monetizing and extend the reach of your ad campaign. The next location, where we recommend using video analytics technology - beauty salons & barbershops. Location No. 2 Beauty salons & barbershops EI products not only perfectly fit into the modern interior of salons and hairdressers, but also help to create advertising networks by using video analytics that allows you to

#WeeklyColumn No.6. The Power Of Elevator Advertising. The Southeast Asia.

Hello everyone! Today we continue to talk about the Asian region and the next group of countries is Southeast Asia (East Indies and Indochina). Which countries belong to this region? Who is the leader? And what is the current situation in the field of elevators and escalators industry? Southeast Asia: 11 countries and more than 620 million people! The modern states of Southeast Asia also known historically as Indochina include Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Peninsular Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. Today we will run through some of the region's most remarkable. Thailand and Singapore are ahead of Indonesia and Vietnam. The data for 2019 shows a s

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