A new benchmark 

For infrared body temperature measurement infrared cameras

Step up technologically advanced infrared short range cam and get professional-quality video and body temperature measurements in one device.


EI-InfraVisIon is packed with Melexis infra red sensor that produce accurate body temperature screening in any environment and face recognition camera delivering high range image and outstanding low-light performance

API Ready Camera for SI's 

market ready solution

Powered by both optical and infrared sensor, EI-InfraVision delivers fast and secure facial recognition and body temperature measurements results.

EI-InfraVision suitable for System Integrators and Software developers to create their own stand Alone products for pandemic control.

EI-InfraVision Comes with Malexes SDK for stand alone products developments.


Smart Industrial Design

Aluminum case with black glass surface,

Use a tripod or mount the camera wherever it works best – work desk LCD screen, with the adjustable clip, 


Suits for any indoor use

School classrooms,  offices, clinics, retail


easy to connect

runs on any PC supports: Windows OS 7, 10 (64 bit) and MAC

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track the important 

set up an appropriate allowed temperature access and make the camera do the  job

track the important  

set up an appropriate allowed temperature access and make the camera do the job

face detection

distance: 0.5 m - 3 m

mask detection

distance: 0.5 m - 3 m

facial temperature measurement

 distance: 0.5 m - 1.5 m

facial temperature measurement

 with mask, distance: 0.5 m - 1.5 m

we've got you covered

Ei-InfaVision  comes with a back end software application. Simple for deployment and easy in use 


download application center

we made it easy! download the application and install on your work station pc within a minutes. 


download for windows


download for mac


SDK for SI integrators


specs & details 

10cm H 5cm  W 3.2cm

350 g. Aluminium case

HD Camera 2 USB cable 1.8m

Infrared Melexes Sensor, black body does not required


Windows 7 & 10



Infrared sensor 

2.6V Supply  voltage 

Full HD video 30 fps

Easy to integrate 

Current Consumption  less than 9 mA 

Viewing angle:  


Diagonal 90 ° |  Horizontal 82.1 ° | Vertical  52.2 °

Factory Calibrated infra red sensor 

Noise Equivalent Temperature Differnce (NETD) 0.20k rms 4Hz refresh rate

Sleep mode consumption less than 7 mA

Measurement Start Trigger for Synchronization


with External Control Unit


3 FOV - 40° x 10°, 60° x 16° and 120° x 25°


Ta - 40°C to 85°C complies with RoHS regulations,  

I2C  compatible digital interface programmable frame rate 0.5Hz...512Hz


Care and Freedom

It's InfraVision 

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