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S1E8. Video Analytics For Indoor Ad. Usage Scenario - Hospitals.


AI-Driven Video Analytics

For Location-Based Advertising

Dear readers,

We continue our weekly look at AI-driven video analytics for location-based advertising. Today we focus on the next location where video analytics technology might be used - hospitals and medical centers.

Please see below for our update this week:

What you should know about location-based advertising in marketing healthcare-related products and services.

Video analytics systems have become a trending topic in the hospital industry recently. As the fastest moving industry, it is necessary to use cutting-edge technology which can provide insightful intelligence such as traffic statistics and queue data. Such information allows for enhanced customer experience, optimized hospital performance, reduced queues, and ultimately higher your advertising campaign profitability.

Eastidea has prepared to meet 24/7/365 demands of future healthcare environments.

We provide real-time video analytics solutions to the healthcare industry which serve the hospital industry of any size and also help their business process to streamline in an efficient and effective manner. Eastidea offers high-quality smart digital signage systems across all departments within a hospital - the reception desk with real-time hospital and health information through the corridors.

Hospitals are another venue-type where visitors are often looking for information.

Hospitals venue-type has a unique interest in applying location-based messaging strategies where visitors are often anxiety-prone and looking for information about the insurance, medical equipment, medicines, health resorts or just info about navigating to a medical appointment within the hospital.

Ei products are an elegant solution for marketers seeking to reach and influence physicians of all specialties, as well as their patients sitting in waiting rooms.

Ei-Mini Lifter & Ei-Slim Dual are our flagship products, unveiled this year by Eastidea at ISE 2020 in Amsterdam. It’s a projector and dual-screen player, designed primarily for elevator advertising and retail places that use AI-based Addreality CMS software all in one platform for content management and video analysis to determine gender and age, track, analyze customers’ emotions and count dwell time, bounce rate and engagement rate of your advertising campaign in a real-time.

Vibrant colors, HD graphics, and interactivity rolled into Ei products to ultimately higher your advertising campaign profitability.

All Ei products are equipped with AI-driven video analytics technology and provide the perfect platform to remotely update and configure content to suit any location.

Featuring energy-saving technology, compact Ei product uses less electricity and generates less heat than other units in the same class. They are an efficient and eco-friendly solution.

Elevate the space by using Ei products in a variety of settings such as lobbies, hallways, and entrance foyers. Learn more about usage scenarios here.

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