Digital Signage 

System Integrator Services 

From Scratch

Eastidea provides Digital Signage Solutions in China and a Global Market. 

We work closely with a worldwide network of partners to deliver the highest quality, cost-effective and easy to use digital signage solutions in the market.

We Good At

Design & Engineering

We provide professional services at planning, designing your future promises  using indoor and outdoor Digital Signage Solutions. at the the early stage of the projects

Hardware Installation

We provide  the best match between  project budget and  hardware. In Addition, our team will cover you with all Digital Signage Software and hardware installation needs   

Digital Signage Software

In collaboration with software developers, we provide bundle services of Hardware and Software for your business in China and abroad 

Commitment to Service

Eastidea provides only  advanced stable and scalable DS Solutions for our  customers. After sales support covers basic and  advanced projects needs including hardware, software, and content management 

DS Manufacturing

We help our customers to  work with local suppliers in China, providing end to end chain supply  services for overseas deals 


More than traditional system integrator

Your Signage projects just get started once you've successfully installed screens. As a next step, you have to assure that your project is covered with a good software and most important you have a good team to work on a content, manage it and follow the company marketing goals. 

Industries We Work With

Whether commercial, non-profit, educational or service-oriented, organizations are using digital signage, we help to break through barriers like audience attention span, information overload, and even language and literacy.


No matter how mobile, diverse or busy your audiences are, digital signage can engage and motivate them for positive results. 

Retail & FMCG

We bring advanced technologies for retail and FMCG  using Digital signage software and hardware. 


Having strong background for indoor digital marketing we will draw you a strategy how to interact with audience collect marketing  data about consumers behavior and set up tailored digital signage.


Our services will include: visual concept creation, technical hardware drawings, hardware and software proposal,  construction, hardware installation, content creation and aftersales support. 

Sport Arenas

Digital signage for the sports Arenas is more than just a big screen which shows you the playbacks and advertising. Is a complex of a digital displays in a different arenas areas, like food courts, VIP lounges, entrance gates, parking slots, seats area, field area and outdoor.


Those displays is a powerful tool for bringing direct and  programmatic advertising on location. Using our professional approach we can become to be a part of your stadium digital signage ecosystem.


Chain supply, design and installation, digital signage software for direct and  programmatic advertising is just a part of a bundle service which you can get  from us any place in the world. 

Shopping Malls  

Yes, Digital Signage on location is a trend. Do you find  your signage  enough attractive and it help your renters sell better?


Unlike other hardware and software providers, we will work with you on your indoor concept, will find the best solution in a terms of screens numbers hardware quality, digital triggers and data analytics.


Let us know how do you want to improve  or change your indoor signage concept, and we will help you. 

Education & Museums

We bring advanced technologies for on location interactive, using Digital, 360, and VR technologies.


Our team is specialized on creating the end to end solutions from  concept creation putting the ideas on the table, to design, construction, hardware installation, content creation and after sales maintenance. 

Please let us know your thoughts and our team will provide you with demo and some show cases of our works. 

Eastidea Team World Presence


  • Project management 

  • Hardware Installation team

  • Hardware Chain Supply 

  • Sales & Marketing Team

  • DS Content integration and management

  • After sales support team


  • Engineering & Architect DS Solutions for Indoor and outdoor


  • Signage Software development, R&D

  • Video and Content Production 

  • Design post production team


  • Design and Creative

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