Ei-Mini Lifter Advertising Projector For Elevator Advertising

Ei-Mini Lifter 

The ultimate smart projection system. 
Designed primarily for elevator advertising.

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Scale DOOH Elevator Ad. Networks 

with Ei-Mini Lifter advertising projector for elevator doors

The ultimate smart projection system. 

Designed primarily for displaying eye-catchy advertising messages and information on the interior surfaces of elevator doors.


Monetize your digital signage 

in elevators with maximum targeted and engaging content   

Maximize ROI

Elevator Advertising audience image

Ei-Mini Lifter helps to keep passengers informed and entertained during the elevator journey!


from indoor elevator advertising

Ai based Digital Signage CMS on board

Powered with Data Analytics 

Ready for SSP Automation 

Reach a wider audience

than many other forms of Digital Out-Of-Home advertising media can capture.

Using Ei-Mini Lifter

Powered by AI-Based Digital Signage CMS Software


Award wining The best solution with Digital Signage technologies

Technical innovation in DOOHDAS,

United Kingdom

Global and China.

Any where in the world


Create advertising campaign templates, build interactive logic flow, and more 

Media Player

For Broadcasting Media Campaigns.

Supports: Android, Windows, OS, iOS 

On-Line Dashboard Manager

For Managing Media Content On-line, creating media plan and advertising campaigns

No Limits

Advertisement or information. Still or animation. Sound off or sound on.

Think Big 

Just think about, how many buildings with elevators in one megalopolis that could be used as an advertising space.

More Than Just a Projector 

Ei-Mini Lifter is the ultimate advertisement and information solution for the interior surface of the elevator doors.

Connected to the an AI-based digital signage management system helps Media network owners to operate each projector on remote and display a wide range of content and get real time campaign data analytics.

Elevator Advertising real time ads

See in Real time  Ad. Statistics

Elevator Advertising CMS logs
Elevator Advertising cms media files

Upload  any Media files

Elevator Advertising cms content playback

Playback settings

Elevator Advertising CMS advertising templates
Ready to use Advertising campaign templates


Elevator Advertising CMS system screenshot
Screenshots from broadcast devices


Elevator advertising campaigns

Create and manage Advertising campaigns

Elevator Advertising CMS command control

Command Controls

The platform components can be operated in accordance with the access rights (roles) of the users. For each role there is a set of available platform features assigned to achieve particular business targets.

Measure and Analyze

Get real time statistics from Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising campaigns 

Context-aware EI-MINI lifter is capable to detect simple audience characteristics such as an estimating gender, age, or general emotional state, in order to create relevant advertising campaigns for a different targeted audience;

AI-powered digital signage management system onboard completes with facial detection analytics functions and visualization of all that data; no enrollment takes place*

** Our facial detection system does not create or collect personalized information about an individual consumer’s image. Data collected by Addreality detection programs is not a template, is not identifiable, linked, or likable to individuals.


Quick Facts

A brief introduction to EI-MINI lifter and its benefits from the customer's perspective.


Portable and lightweight  

Easy to Install and be maintained

Elevator Advertising projector mount image

Measuring at in 23.5cm*12cm*6.5cm with a weight of 2.4 kg, EI-MINI lifter is sized to fit almost every elevator cabin.

Bright Projection 

Ultra-short throw lens distance, project a large screen, even from close range

EI-MINI lifter Projector can be positioned 16cm to 20cm away from the display surface mounted to a wall. 

EI-MINI Lifter comes with special light reflection film for even higher brightness. Projection Film size 55*110cm

Special ultra-short distance lens allows  EI MINI Lifter installed above the elevator in-doors. The Projector is bright enough to work in daylight.

Your Screen, Your Size

 Manual zoom control to adjust Elevator projection image size and optimizing viewing angle for ideal projection image alignment

Fits for elevator doors size 90 cm up to 120 cm width and 60 cm height.
Elevator Panel

Green Tech Technology

IR motion sensor Long projection life
The projector stop broadcasting advertising
when doors are open
Elevator Panel

Ei-Mini Lifter

All in one Advertising Projection System for Elevator's Cabin

Connect wireless

EI MINI lifter has the ability to connect via Wi-Fi or 4G to CMS network. All devices connected through secured CMS Platform

Fan Silent Mode

To Ensure silent device operation

Enjoyable Sound 

A build-in speakers means your audio-visual advertising projection is totally self-contained. No need for an external speaker.

Face detection Camera

Counting and FR Function 

Elevator Advertising Ei Mini Lifter Ad Projector - Wi-Fi
Elevator Advertising Ei Mini Lifter Ad Projector - Fan speed control
Elevator Advertising Ei Mini Lifter Ad Projector - Build-in sound system
Elevator Advertising Ei Mini Lifter Ad Projector - FHD Camera
Elevator Advertising Ei Mini Lifter Ad Projector - 4G or SIM card

4G Nano SIM Slot


4G Antenna 

FHD Camera

Fan speed control

Sound optimized for small room environment  

Elevator Advertising Ei Mini Lifter Ad Projector photos by Eastidea
Technical specifications

Ei-Mini Lifter

Basic Information



Product Dimensions

Product Color


EI MINI lifter


23.5 x 12 x 6.5 cm 

White and Black

2.4 kg

Projection Parameters

Screen scale



16:9 720p Extended interface


200 lumens

System Configuration





MTK 4 core processor MT8735P

2 GB

16 GB

Android 5.1 and up, rooted

DS CMS Addreality Player

Connected to Addreality Online manager cross DS marketing platform. Supports in All countries. Devices powered with AI Facial recognition functions, power-on self-starting, time switch, remote communication network. Broadcasting data, long time online statistics, fixed-time broadcast, precision push notification  

Hardware Configuration

Safe Eye Protection 


Blue Tooth

Sim card slot 

4G Antenna

Ethernet Support


Multimedia Input

Laser Eye protection, Body Sensor

2 speakers

4.0 Interface

Mini USB x 1USB 2.0 1, Slot for Nano sim card 4G

4G antenna  GPS Support Geo location

4G and WiFi

FR and FD ad. analytics

MPEG-1,MPEG-2,MPEG-4,H.263,H.264,VC1,RV support up to 1080p

Audio MP3/WMA/AAC etc. 

Picture jpeg, 16:9  1280*720  720P

Power Confguration

Safety and Protection


Power Adapter

Power Input

29 W

12V 4.0A DC

Smart Temperature Control

Smart fan speed adjustment avoiding overheating and auto shutdown

Storage Temperature

Operating temperature

Working humidity

0°C to +45°C

0°C to +60°C

RH 75

What is in the set

projector | remote control | power adapter | 4G amplifier Antenna | projection screen film | drilling screws | wall mount rack | stick-on round base
on request steel to steel glue can be delivered  

OEM Ready  

Within Eastidea OEM Service, you can quickly customize the device hardware, visual and software components

EI-Mini lifter

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