Elevator advertising screen - Ei-Slim Dual LCD Display With Advanced AI technology 


Ei-Slim Dual

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Professional industrial grade dual digital signage display for Indoor and in elevators media networks deployment 

Elegant & Slim, fits to any indoor usage scenario

Made for indoor advertising

Grow your Ad network beautifully 

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The time people spend In-elevators and retail premises with targeted audience advertising by using professional Ei-Slim Dual display powered with ad video analytics  

More than just a  screen

Ei-Slim Dual display is a business & marketing tool

With advanced

CMS features 

Abstract Background

Split the display media surface into 1, 2 or 3 different zone and unique for each advertising campaign!

Set up broadcasting time for each media display device or group of devices at any time.

Manage content through powerful built-in CMS.  Get access content management through phone, laptop.

Elevator Advertising Ei-Slim Dual LCD Display by Eastidea

Measure Ad campaigns performance

Create targeted Ad campaigns

Ready for SSP Programmatic & Automation

Measure  DOOH campaign by dwell time, numbers of views, age and gender of viewers. Understand emptions and use different types of ad selling models powered by VA

Create real time targeted Ad campaigns for different Age, Gender Audience groups

We provide real time analytical and demo-graphical  data, that enables an option of RTB for DOOH 

Build in camera with embedded optional function of

Ad campaigns video analytics 


Designed for ad media networks

With advanced brightness 

178 degree viewing angle

no side distortion screen panels

High resolution IPS panel

16.7 million true colors

99% coverage of the sRGB spectrum

Elevator Advertising Indoor Advertising Digital Signage Display Ei-Slim Dual by Eastidea - 3
Abstract Architecture

Tempered glass


Covers all screen surface and provides

anti-scratch and anti-collision effect.

Anti-glare coating for better side view

Elevator Advertising Indoor Advertising Digital Signage Display Ei-Slim Dual Anti Vandal Screen Protection by Eastidea

A build-in speakers means your audio-visual indoor and elevator advertising is totally self-contained.

No need for an external speakers.

Elevator Advertising Indoor Advertising Digital Signage Display Ei-Slim Dual Built-in sound systemby Eastidea

Built-in Sound Speakers

Easy to install

Elevator Advertising Ei-Slim Dual LCD Display by Eastidea

Ei-Slim Dual

Technical specifications

Basic Information






EI Slim Dual


28.3 x 63.1 x 3.85 cm 

White and Black

7 kg

Upper Screen 

Lower Screen Specification

System Configuration




Power Confguration

Screen size


True Brightness

18.5 Inch 


350 CD/m2 

Screen size


True Brightness

10.1 Inch 


350 CD/m2 





Intel Core i3 

4 GB

64 SSD

Windows 7 or 10

Connected to Display Force Online manager cross DS marketing platform. Supports in All countries. Devices powered with AI Facial recognition functions, power-on self-starting, time switch, remote communication network. 



Ethernet Support


Multimedia Input

2 speakers

USB x 2, VGA x 1, LAN x 1

Lan and WiFi 

FR and FD ad. analytics


Audio MP3/WMA/AAC etc. 

Picture jpeg, 16:9  1280*720  720P

Power Adapter

220-240V 50-60 hz

Storage Temperature

Operating temperature

Working humidity

0°C to + 60°C

0°C to + 45°C

RH 75

* Product design and hardware configuration can be differ from the original image and tech specs.


EI-Slim Dual

Within Eastidea OEM service, you can quickly customize the device hardware, visual

and software components

New Business Opportunities for Dooh Advertising Business

Elevator Advertising Ei-Slim Dual LCD Display by Eastidea

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