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  • Dmitry Shklyar

Eastidea bringing Rapid Signage to Russian, Israeli and former CIS countries markets.

Eastidea has entered into a strategic cooperation with Taiwanese company - Rapid Signage.

Rapid Signage is focusing on system integration and digital signage market. Providing customized and packaged digital signage solution, RS is expertise in Video codec, 2D / 3D graphic applications, raid storage, SoC platform driver and Cloud-based software.

Within the framework of the partnership Eastidea will take part in the organization of the first line of support and will be responsible for sales and development of the partner network in Russia, Israel and former CIS countries. Eastidea and Rapid Signage will offer digital signage turnkey solutions for local DSO, OOH, digital signage integrators, large international holdings, brands, retail networks, banks and other industries.

Cooperation with RapidSignage is a strategic step towards winning a significant share of the global Digital Signage market," , CEO and Founder of the Eastidea Co., LTD Dmitry says: We expect rapid growth of this direction, and Rapid Signage solutions will be a good impetus to the development of the segment. Our key direction is a large business, and cooperation with local signage vendors and integrators.

Already in 2016 retail, hotel business, education and transport invested in Digital Signage more than 80% of marketing budgets. According to IMS Research, the global software market for Digital Signage in 2016 reached 8.2 billion dollars with an average annual growth rate of 8.5%.

To learn about RapidSignage solutions please visit:

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