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  • Dmitry Shklyar

S1E3. Video Analytics For Indoor Ad & Advertising Business Models. CPM or CPV?

In previous issues, we discussed with you what based on artificial intelligence video analytics is, what advantages advertisers can get by using it, and why it is so important to have it today. Today we will look at what advertising strategies are usually used when implementing video analytics solutions.

Well, thanks to video analytics, we can get a huge amount of statistical information about the number of views, audience engagement, emotions people counting, and their behavior! There are TWO most popular strategies that advertisers use:

1. CPM model

2. CPV (PV) model

We are pretty sure many of you, or most likely ALL of you, are familiar with buying traffic using the CPM method. You basically pay for impressions for your ad as opposed to clicks as in CPC.

CPM is a model of cost per view advertising, but the advertiser pays a fee for every 1,000 ad impressions (a.k.a views) rather than for each individual view. You set CPM bids to tell the network how much you're ready to pay for that set of impressions. CPM bidding is quite an option if an advertiser doesn't actually track engagements and conversions, and it is perfect for advertisers who are more focused on brand awareness and want to advertise a product or service on a large, popular location that attracts thousands of viewers each day.

OK. What is the CPV model and in what case is it might be useful?

These days advertising networks also offer advertisers the option of paying for the ad each time the ad is displayed on. CPV bidding system, a.k.a Cost Per View is a performance buying business model where advertisers only pay for ads that “bring them to store visits” by customers. It allows marketers to have improved transparency. Brands usually choose this marketing approach when they are planning to advertise products or services on a large scale. It is also a useful option to choose when you are promoting a product on location with a large number of the audience every day. CPV rates tend to be much lower than for CPC ads.

CPV is a guaranteed performance model for providing offline visits and if your or your client’s KPIs are centered on offline traffic generation. This model of broadcasting advertisement allows marketers to transaction on actual visits.

You choose the one that suits your goals better.

On our part, we also want you to know that each of our units are equipped with full functionality and are delivered with a valid certificate, and that is why working with us you get not only results but also the understanding of the market.


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Ei-Mini Lifter & Ei-Slim Dual are our flagship products, unveiled this year by Eastidea at ISE 2020 in Amsterdam. It’s a projector and dual-screen player, designed primarily for elevator advertising and retail places that use AI-based Addreality CMS software all in one platform for content management and video analysis to determine gender and age, track, analyze customers’ emotions and count dwell time, bounce rate and engagement rate of your advertising campaign in a real-time.

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