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  • Dmitry Shklyar

[Limited-Time Offer] Non-contact Body Temperature Measurement System Plus Face Recognition Digital S

2020 has already brought us many challenges. Chief among those has been the COVID-19 coronavirus. The entire world is confronting this new difficulty.

Because we believe it’s more important than ever to be steadfast, we are fully committed to supporting all of our clients. Our thoughts are with the brave healthcare professionals and everyone else fighting this virus. Together, we will endure to see a brighter future.

That's why, to ensure the safety of all, we have decided to go ahead and start taking a limited amount of orders for non-contact body temperature measurement systems plus face recognition digital signage solutions.

China’s largest maker of thermal imaging equipment has sold thousands of fever screening systems in the past 3 months as authorities and businesses rush to deploy them at airports, railway stations and other public gathering places.

Thermal fever screening systems use cameras that detect the infrared energy invisible to the human eye that people and objects emit. The software constructs a heat map of exposed skin.

In the face of this outbreak, Chinese companies have developed a solution for non-contact body temperature measurement plus face recognition.

The first facial recognition technology that can identify people when they are wearing a mask, as most are these days because of the coronavirus, and help in the fight against the disease.

We offer two thermal imagine solutions:

1. Thermal Imagine System, A Thermal Camera-based Continuous Body Temperature Measurement System

2. A Temperature Sensing Terminals With Facial Recognition

The equipment can have varying degrees of sensitivity and price points. If you’re interested, please contact our consultants based in Shanghai (China) and learn all benefits you can get with thermal fever screening systems.

Note: All the suppliers are approved by the General Administration of Customs and The National Medical Products Administration of the People's Republic of China

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