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  • Dmitry Shklyar

DOOH helps brands to take sales to new heights!

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

We continue talking about Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising in China and giving insight information about the situation around the DOOH market in China. We bet you all know about the Mega Sale that takes place every year on November 11 in China and probably you all know about the stunning results it gets. But this year surprised everyone even more!

DOOH Helped Brands To Take Sales To New Heights On Double 11!

The Chinese’s Double 11 in 2020 has finally come to an end. And it's time to see the result! During the Double Eleven’ Day Sale this year, Tmall's turnover exceeded 498.2billion yuan or $74.1 billion and's accumulated order value exceeded 271.5 billion yuan - $40.97 billion. Both set record Singles Day transactions this year!

After entering the post-epidemic era, the Chinese consumers’ demand has shown its unabated vitality, and the record-breaking Double 11 results confirm this. As the most stable and effective offline traffic portal, Digital Out-of-home advertising mediums are the must-have for businesses to generate sales by driving offline traffic.

Today brands cannot just rely on online traffic. Outdoor advertising is a great example of high-quality long-tail offline traffic. The indoor advertising (including elevator advertising) represents the four main advantages: the mainstream audience, the must-pass, the high frequency, and the low interference.

Those four elements—are the Core Four of Effective Advertising campaign every brand desires to achieve.

Digital transformation is forcing companies in China and all over the globe to change their business models and adapt to the new market reality - And in order to keep up with this new kind of “being-inside” customer, your business must embrace technology to deliver an unmatched customer experience.

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Ei products are an elegant solution for marketers seeking to reach and influence your target audience while they are riding in the elevator.

Ei-Mini Lifter & Ei-Slim Dual are our flagship products, unveiled this year by Eastidea at ISE 2020 in Amsterdam. It’s a projector and dual-screen player, designed primarily for elevator advertising and retail places that use AI-based Addreality CMS software all in one platform for content management and video analysis to determine gender and age, track, analyze customers’ emotions and count dwell time, bounce rate and engagement rate of your advertising campaign in a real-time.

Vibrant colors, HD graphics, and interactivity rolled into Ei products to ultimately higher your advertising campaign profitability.

All Ei Products are equipped with AI-driven video analytics technology and provide the perfect platform to remotely update and configure content to suit any location.

Featuring energy-saving technology, compact Ei Product uses less electricity and generates less heat than other units in the same class. They are an efficient and eco-friendly solution.

Elevate the space by using Ei products in a variety of settings such as lobbies, hallways, and entrance foyers. Learn more about usage scenarios here.

For more information about products, delivery, payment terms, or any other matter.

Please drop us an email and we will back to you shortly.

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