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  • Dmitry Shklyar

The Power of Elevator Advertising. Weekly Column No.6. The Southeast Asia.

Updated: Jun 1, 2022


6.3 Southeast Asia

Hello everyone! Today we continue to talk about the Asian region and the next group of countries is Southeast Asia (East Indies and Indochina). Which countries belong to this region? Who is the leader? And what is the current situation in the field of elevators and escalators industry?

Southeast Asia: 11 countries and more than 620 million people!

The modern states of Southeast Asia also known historically as Indochina include Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Peninsular Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. Today we will run through some of the region's most remarkable.

Thailand and Singapore are ahead of Indonesia and Vietnam.

The data for 2019 shows a slight increase in the number of elevators and escalators in the region. In terms of the number of new elevators, Thailand ranked third in 2019, behind Indonesia and Vietnam. If we go to the number of existing elevators, you see that Thailand and Singapore are ahead of Indonesia and Vietnam.

Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia are far behind in terms of the number of existing elevators but still maintain strong growth rates.

We have a need for information and entertainment during a long ride from 30th to the 1st floor.

An elevator is a place of light talk and also a sign of modernity these days. Isn’t it the place where your target audience spends quite a long time traveling from floor to floor during the day? We all have a need for information and why not help people get it during a long trip from 30 to 1 floor.

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