Outdoor media advertising audience head indoors and away from billboards.

Most of us are in wait-and-see mode right now ⠀ Speaking of marketing and advertising business, analysts have marked that advertising agencies are already dealing with a weak outdoor advertising market, see its audience head indoors and away from billboards. ⠀ Today is very important to take decisive action to proactively manage the business through this period and ensure it remains well-positioned for when conditions stabilize and continue to make every effort to achieve the prior earnings guidance. ⠀ How to effectively advertise during the total lockdown? ⠀ It’s the EI Products – EI-MINI lifter and EI-Slim Dual. And they’re brilliant. Something you don’t expect, which unlocks a whole

Eastidea joins the Alliance Intel IoT Solutions

We're pleased to announce Eastidea has joined a global alliance for IoT systems developers - the Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance. The Alliance was formed to help to reach a wide range of global customers and partners in key market segments, and also build a strong and sustainable market advantage and to accelerate the design and deployment of IoT devices and analytics. Call or DM us! Our consultants based in Shanghai, China will be happy to help you to learn all benefits you can get with EI products tailored specially for small and medium advertising businesses. https://lnkd.in/gur2-uc

Introducing another of our new products that we were showing at ISE2020!

EI-Slim Dual The ultimate multi-screen LCD display designed primarily for advertising in elevators and retail stores. ❗ When you are using multiple screens simultaneously, this gives you an opportunity to show your target audience a creative on the second screen to reinforce the message coming from the first, or better yet, target them with a personalized message that is more effective at driving action than a brand-building poster. ❗ By providing useful insights into customer behavior and using this information to generate targeted ads, AI-based advertising tools can ensure that your audience actually saw your advertising. ☎️ Call or DM us! Our consultants based in Shanghai, China and learn

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