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  • Dmitry Shklyar

Eastidea and Addreality announce partnership in China

Addreality has entered into a partnership agreement with Eastidea, which localizes, new interactive technologies in the field of Digital Signage and the Internet of Things (IoT) in China. The company plans to create a local representative office that will promote the platform, sales, technical support, training, development of the partner network and OEM solutions. The companies are already negotiating with several large digital signage operators, media agencies, retailers and E-commerce operators in China.

The Chinese market Digital Signage, according to experts, is one of the most developed and high-tech in the world, thanks to the high rate of digitalization of China, the development of its own mobile platforms (WeChat and QQ) and mobile payment systems (Alipay).

According to the PWC, by 2019, OOH advertising revenue (out-of-home) in China will be 8.62 billion dollars, and the Chinese market will be the first OOH-market in the world.

"The economic boom of the country has affected the UN market as well - global industry vendors have already reached China," comments Sergey Galeev, CEO of Addreality.

The interactive technologies of Digital Signage for analyzing consumer behavior, identifying points of interest, measuring customer loyalty, increasing the client base are oriented not just to brand recognition, but to sales growth, which indicates the market's development and customer readiness for such implementations.

Nevertheless, there are no scalable interactive signage integrated solutions in the market of China yet - mainly it includes composite products of several vendors, which complicates the conduct of advertising campaigns.

The Addreality solution will offer customers in China an integrated approach and convenient management of digital communications on a single platform. We see our task in expanding the capabilities of brands in the field of advertising and marketing communications, including, through the use of mobile interaction. " The peculiarity of the Chinese market is the popularity of mobile platforms: only WeChat has an audience of over 800 million people and an estimated value of more than $ 80 billion, according to Gartner for the first quarter of 2017. Not only does the speed of communications grow, but also the number of generated interactions. This will allow brands to collect data more efficiently, obtain relevant and accurate analytics and further use DOOH (digital out-of-home advertising) tools as sales outlets.

"Digital Signage is the near future of any point of interaction with the user," comments Dmitry Shklyar, CEO and founder of Eastidea.

"Given the high cost of DOOH projects and the creation of effective, scalable interactive content on the market, we see great potential for Addreality in China. The creation of digital content, analytical tools and the possibility of remote management on a single platform make this product competitive and ready for implementation now. "

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