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  • Dmitry Shklyar

LED Shanghai Exhibition 2018

LED Shanghai or Digital Signage, yes this Exhibition has two names organized by UBM|TRUST Company is one of the important Events in China and worldwide for the Signage industry.

This year, we continuously presented Addreality AI Based signage SaaS Solutions. Mostly, this event is about LED Screen manufacturers, but it goes without saying that this event is empty without good software developers like Addreality, and we found that its good to be there. As a result, we got a lot of attention to Addreality product. Many system integrators from Greater China, India, USA and APEC Markets found out that there are a lot of Signage software solutions but most of them either limited with functionalities and stable performance and on the other hand not flexible with their business model. We see there are more and more requests for professional, multi-functional smart signage solutions, especially for Retail. Retail isn't smart like E-commerce and retailers willing to get more closer to their in-store customers by using Signage. This where we do the Job for retailers and Signage system integrators.

To learn more about Addreality AI based Signage Solutions please visit:

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