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  • Dmitry Shklyar

The next stop is Mumbai

Our life is a chain of circumstances combined with our life vision, people and faith. Being in China for a long time and dealing with technologies, fashion, media and start up Eco system, from to time I was curious about Indian market, as the largest market among the neighbors countries with China. It took us about two years to make our first move toward Indian market.

And the reason for that was our long communication and wonderful people from Satin Neo Dimensions. Our first step will start from showing our joint product - smart furniture for retail powered by AI based digital signage solutions Addreality. What is all about? Retailers are moving towards situation where the traditional display of the products is an expensive investment. With our new approach we are changing the game rules and bringing to the market smart furniture with digital signage aboard winch deliver in store targeted advertising for the visitors, with face recognition functions and interactive signage. Brand marketers using smart furniture can engage better with the shop visitors, do targeted scalable on location promotions and collect marketing data.

If you are in retail, FMCG, Indoor and DOOH business in India, or by chance travelling to Mumbai next week between 14-16th of March, please come to visit us at In store Asia Mumbai 2019 Booth D-50.

See you there.

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