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  • Dmitry Shklyar

Life after lockdown: Our Chinese manufacturing supplier tells about the current situation in China

Because we believe it’s more important than ever to be steadfast, we are fully committed to supporting all of our clients. Our thoughts are with the brave healthcare professionals and everyone else fighting this virus.

Meanwhile, the situation in China is getting better and better. We had a chance to chat about the current situation in China with one of our suppliers – Gina, General Manager.

Question 1: How does COVID-19 affect your work?

Gina: Fortunately, the global situation did not “erupt” at the same time. Fortunately, China's powerful and implemented timely and reasonable control to overcome the problem of health hazards. The impact of the epidemic on our work is currently only the delivery delay. Looking at the current phenomena, we’re working on opening up new sources and regulating expenditures, this is a long-term plan this year.

Question 2: Which departments/work processes are most vulnerable?

Gina: When there is no formal resumption of work, production and delivery will be more difficult, because logistics is the biggest obstacle, but after the formal resumption of work, all the staff will concentrate on the same desire, so the work process must be returned to its normal state.

Question 3: How does production slowdown affect the market?

Gina: Shortly after the resumption of the work in March, we’ve remarked that the delay in production is in line with market demand.

Question 4: How can the government help alleviate the pressure caused by the epidemic?

Gina: ZF's help is also based on the company's own enthusiasm. The ZF's major policies have introduced benefits to the country and the people, and the people have full confidence.

Question 5: When do you think production will return to the previous level?

Gina: The market exists because there are consumer demands, and we’re always ready to support our clients as we work to expand and enhance services we deliver, and as we strive to provide an excellent client experience.

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