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  • Dmitry Shklyar

Still Don't Know What EI-MINI lifter Is?

Hi there! We've received a lot of requests lately to show our bestseller product EI-MINI lifter in a more detailed way. So we added a new tutorial video on Eastidea YouTube Channel.

And here is the first video in our series "EI-MINI lifter Tutorial" detailing, highlighting the main features of the EI-MINI lifter Projector System from Eastidea®!

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Eastidea® Integrated Solution provides cost-effective marketing and advertising digital signage solutions to DSOs, DOOH ad agencies, elevators companies, etc.

With offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong, we have developed and deployed digital signage solutions for clients all across the world.

Our team looks forward to delivering easier, more affordable, and more scalable networking to digital signage advertisers around the globe!

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