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  • Dmitry Shklyar

New official partnership with VSDirect.

Eastidea Integrated Solutions is thrilled to officially announce a partnership with VSDirect to distribute our cutting-edge products for sustainable elevator advertising in the UK and Ireland.

“We have a strong commitment to grow our AI-powered Ad system for advertising in elevators and believe VSDirect, with its national coverage of the trade, Brand & Marketing solutions, will be a great partner for delivering high-quality service in the UK and Ireland."

August 20, 2020 - Eastidea Integrated Solutions is thrilled to officially announce a partnership with VSDirect beginning August 20th, 2020 where VSDirect proudly will take responsibility for delivering innovative products Ei-Mini Lifter & Ei-Slim Dual and best-in-class services to customers in the UK and Ireland. VSDirect will significantly increase its scale in the Irish and UK market, providing the best in-elevator advertising products & services by further strengthening its sales and ground support force coverage.

Together, we as pioneering players of the advertising in elevators market have the products and experience to bring sustainable solutions for improving both yield and quality to forward-thinking brands , advertising agencies ,Office and residential agencies, Hospitality sectors, business integrators and many more across the UK and Ireland.

Ei-Mini Lifter installation

VSDirect will develop and market two of Eastidea’s products in the UK and Ireland:

1. Ei-Mini Lifter, the ultimate AI-powered ultra-short-distance projector, designed primarily for in-elevators advertising, can easily be mounted on the wall inside the elevator, to deliver a detailed, high-resolution imagery & advertising, with the capability of operating in daylight to maximize and sweat this undervalued space .

2. Ei-Slim Dual, the ultimate dual-screen LCD display designed primarily for in-elevators advertising and retail stores that gives you an opportunity to show your target audience a creative on the second screen to reinforce the message coming from the first, or better yet, target customers with a personalised message based on their demograph to drive instore sales.

Jason Keely, Managing Director VSDirect, comments: “We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to work with Dmitry and his team and to have won the exclusivity to provide a full Turn Key service to sell, install and support these amazing products. Never before has any business in Ireland or the UK had the opportunity to engage with consumers using the OOH Technology we now have available .Today’s announcement is another important leap for VSDirect towards our goal of being the market leader in providing End-to-End Brand Solutions, through multiple Marketing Platforms, and Digital Advertising, supported by the best in class Data Analytics. Together with our Trusted partners Eastidea we look forward to jointly developing and scaling our business in the UK and Ireland”.

Dmitry Shklyar, CEO at Eastidea, comments: “We have a strong commitment to grow our AI-powered units for DOOH and in-elevator advertising.We believe VSDirect, with their national coverage of the trade and Brand and Marketing Solutions, will be a perfect partner for delivering high-quality service in the UK and Ireland. This will ensure continued great relations with our customers and we will ensure the high standards set by VSDirect will be kept and the business to run as usual”.

About VSDirect.

VSDirect, based in Ireland, create value for our clients by building their Online and Offline Brand Identity. Using bespoke, End-to-End Branded Solutions, multiple marketing platforms, and digital ddvertising, supported by data analytics, we design and create unique, measured, and engaging integrated solutions. Driven by industry experts, strategic procurement, innovative technology, and logistics .

About Eastidea.

Headquartered in Shanghai, China, Eastidea offers AI-based digital signage solutions for retail, smart tech museums, supermarkets and all indoor industries. Eastidea facilitates in-elevator advertising with its proprietary projection system and a cloud-based platform, Addreality, that encompasses campaign management, creative design and playback opportunities on other media. The projection system, El-MINI lifter, transforms elevator doors into screens that display content and advertising to captive audiences.

To learn more about VSDirect, click here.

For more information on Eastidea Integrated Solutions, click here

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