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  • Dmitry Shklyar

#WeeklyColumn. The Power Of Elevator Advertising. EUROPE. No.4

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

2020-09-11 The Power Of Elevator Advertising. ISSUE No.4

EUROPE: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece & Israel.

This is the fourth weekly column devoted to advertising in elevators and today we finish our review of the European Region with the countries of southern Europe. In the next issues, we will talk in more detail about the countries of the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

All right, today we will run through some countries of southern Europe, many of which belong to the Mediterranean basin-Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece. And together with them, we will take a peek into Israel and see what is happening there.

The ELA Statistical Committee says the data for 2018 shows a slight increase in the number of elevators and escalators in Europe, compared with 2017 — as in the years before. In terms of the number of new elevators, Germany ranked third in 2018, behind Turkey and France. But if we go to the number of existing elevators, you see that Spain and Italy are ahead of Germany.

Greece, Portugal, and Israel are quite far behind in terms of the number of existing elevators but still maintain strong growth rates.

Compared to other countries, Spain looks remarkably, well-elevated. Why?

At face value, there’s a pretty simple reason why. Spaniards are some of the world’s pre-eminent apartment-dwellers. In 2019, roughly more than 70% of the population lived in apartment buildings, much higher than the euro-area average of 46 percent.

And as you can assume they not only live but also work in a high-rising building. The 21st century has also been one of the constructions of the country’s great skyscrapers. The Four Towers opened in Madrid in 2008 and they were followed by the Sevilla Tower and the Iberdrola Tower, in Bilbao. The next to arrive will be the Tower Caleido (also known as "the 5th tower").

An elevator is a place of light talk and also a sign of modernity these days. Isn’t it the place where your target audience spends quite a long time traveling from floor to floor during the day. We all have a need for information and why not help people get it during a long trip from 30 to 1 floor. Thinking? Good.

Thinking? Good.

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