• Dmitry Shklyar

A zoom interview with Jason Keey. Advertising in Elevators Uk & Ireland.

Happy Tuesday everyone. The summer ⛱ is here and we at Eastidea are going hot🌡. Check out our new video interview direct from Shanghai to Dublin with Jason Keely the CEO & Founder of VS Direct.

In this video we'll talk about Eastidea and VS Direct partnership in a field of in elevators digital advertising media networks deployments in UK & Ireland.

We'll Why brands shall keep an eye open to the new trend of projection advertising on the elevators doors, how to use ads video analytics in a real time and what's is made for.

This video will be useful for entrepreneurs to discover the new business opportunities in creating media network advertising same as for brands to understand the power of interactive advertising in elevator and indoor spaces.

Video Primary Topics:

🔹 Why Jason Keely started to develop this niche of business?

🔹 Where does he see the potential of the market?

🔹 How does he sell advertising?

🔹 What type of hardware and software Jason use to deploy in elevators ads networks across Ireland & UK?

🔹 Where is the future of the programmatic advertising ads placement in DOOH ?

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