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  • Dmitry Shklyar

Benefits of digital ads in elevators for advertisers

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

The true benefits from advertising in elevators are:

  1. Lift passengers cannot avoid the digital Ads in elevators,

  2. Digital ads in elevators provides the advertiser with the opportunity to connect with potential customers on the go.

  3. Digital ads in elevators on screens or projectors relieve the tension

  4. Digital ads in elevators is the first what people see when they leave their flats or entering business towers.

  5. Digital ads in elevators is an essential for product placement marketing practice.

  6. The average elevator ride time is 120seconds. It's a more than enough to create meaningful ad campaign

  7. Digital ads in elevators creates the conditions for continued attention to advertising.

Where digital ads in elevators compare to traditional marketing channels:

  1. Digital Advertising banners on the Internet is out of ad fashion

  2. The number of Road side billboards' exposure rate is estimated by the living nearby population or the approximate amount of traffic, and not by real people as we do by using real time ad video analysis

  3. Out Door media exposure rate is usually counted in seconds, not minutes.

  4. TV commercials is way too expensive and does not suit to medium or small size business.

  5. Printed media Impressions are just estimations and could never provide any real numbers about how long or if anyone saw the ad.

Considering all said above and not only, digital ads in elevators is a substitute panacea for marketers to create healthy connect with customers, working scenarios for immediate call to actions, and safe tones of budgets for creating target audience ads.

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