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  • Dmitry Shklyar

The first in Serbia elevator advertising digital media network by Spark Media

Hi everyone ! In this new blog post we introduce you Spark Media! The first in Serbia elevator advertising digital network media.

Jovan Feratović the founder and CEO of Spark media ( ) will talk about his business how and when he started.

If you are interested in starting your new business in advertising and or willing to extend your existing one, than this video is for you!

Enjoy watching, be inspired and learn from others.

Big thanks to Jovan for hosting Eastidea's ( ) CEO & Founder and joining the interview.

For advertising requests and cooperation with Spark Media please contact: +381691269293

Eastidea is the leading digital advertising technology provider for deploying in elevator advertising networks.

Feel free to reach us and discuss about how Eastidea can help you with starting your own business in becoming the local digital media network provider for advertising in elevators

For business requests feel free to reach us via: Whatsapp: +8618521337005



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