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  • Dmitry Shklyar

THE NEW MINI LIFTER II elevator advertising projector is available for orders

Finally!!! After 8 long month of instant development and sleepless nights, we, at Eastidea proud to introduce you our new elevator advertising projector solution for Elevator Advertising digital networks deployments the Ei Mini Lifter II - ultra short throw DLP projection system.

Watch the full episod with our CEO & Founder Dmitry Shklyar.

New Ei Mini Lifter II designed to make a difference in elevator advertising digital media. Our new generation elevator advertising ultra short throw projector, suitable for indoor and elevator networks deployments.

With our Elevator advertising projector Ei Mini Lifter II, the ad space area can reach up to 65 inch.

The projector has a brightness up to 1000 ANSI, dlp technology with lanthanum lenses, providing clear and bright projection with a higher refractive index of light compared to conventional glasses with the same average dispersion index (Abbe number), long service time and outstanding performance.

Use of ultra short advertising projectors solutions from Eastidea together with Eastieda's digital screens enables to create a profitable, professional digital advertising networks in elevators.

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Eastidea is the leading digital advertising technology provider for deploying in elevator advertising networks.

For business requests feel free to reach us via:

Whatsapp: +8618521337005

Feel free to reach us and discuss about how Eastidea can help you with starting your own business in becoming the local digital media network provider for advertising in elevators



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