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S1E4. Video Analytics For Indoor Ad. Say ‘Yes’ to Privacy!

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

2020-09-17 ISSUE NO4.

We Say ‘Yes’ to Privacy!

Video analytics has improved dramatically in recent years. What has changed is the high level of accuracy with which video analytics systems can perform and advancements in video analytics technology have increased facial recognition abilities.

Retailers are a massive market for video analytics. They use it to obtain information about customer flow, hot spots (places within the store that are most frequented by customers), line lengths, product placement, and in-store advertising effectiveness.

Advertising agencies use video analytics to measure the impact of an ad to a passerby or bystander. These solutions can detect a face (including if it’s male or female, age) as well as the face’s movement – whether it’s looking at the ad on the wall, and if so, for how long and what emotions it has.

Obviously, facial recognition technology and privacy concerns lately has raised a lot of eyebrows. That's why we decided to dedicate this issue to this topic and tell you more about the way we use face recognition technology in our units.

FAQ: Face Recognition & Privacy Concerns.

1. How does video analytic algorithm work within Ei Products?

As a part of AI-based software there is a function to use a Client’s existing system of video analytics to determine the gender (male or female) and the age (elderly, adult, or young) and the number of views within the field of vision of the camera. Only the classified parameters are used for statistics and analytics purposes.

2. Does Ei products’ software make photos and videos of people?

The transmission and (or) storage of our Software have no function of the given video recording or image shooting, as well as storage of such data as photo, video, audio sequences, and others, which would allow us to identify specified individuals. The transmission and (or) storage of images (as well as video and (or) audio) are not performed through the Software.

3. Do Ei products collect or deal with personal data?

Face recognition algorithms or other algorithms for the identification of the specified individuals using the data from cameras are not applied in our Software. According to provisions stated above, we can ensure that it is not possible to identify a natural person and (or) identify of the given natural person using data, received while using the software due to the factual absence of the any recorded information (data) which potentially might be used to identify the natural person.

4. Do Ei products have the GDPR Compliance certificate issued by authorized authorities?

The Software implemented in each unit is currently under the GDPR-check procedure of leading a world-wide consultancy group. The certified will be provided as far as we get approval.

Eastidea respects the privacy of everyone and committed to protecting personal data. Ei products do collect only anonymous data, such as facial detection. Ei products use facial detection software to record the age and gender of passersby and contextualize advertising in real-time. The software in each unit is designed to be incapable of identifying individuals, tracking individuals across systems, linking content associated with individualsʼ identities, or retaining unique data (including photographs) about individuals.

New customers. Existing customers! Reach out to us for more information about Ei products & Privacy Policy. We will be happy to help!



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