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  • Dmitry Shklyar

Digital signage office harmony

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Why do we need to improve work spaces environment with office Digital Signage?

It is very clear that in our daily work routine there so much information our brain needs to obtain, dealing with overloaded information. But all of us need a little peace of mind during the work day. Usually, people would like to distort their attention from work to something else, even the little glance to the window or the wall in front can be considered as a mental break. And within little brake human eye needs to focus on some new features. Digital Signage for office is the tool to make this little mental break for office workers.

We combine Digital Signage technology with human psychology

In Eastidea, we believe that any digital signage installed in office need to be perfectly matched with the office environment. Our own "Digital Signage philosophy" saying that interior design must come in harmony with the office digital signage.

So, what is digital signage office harmony?

It’s the right fit between interior design, lights, materials, room size and digital office signage.

Today a lot of work spaces are shared office or co-working spaces. Big spaces divided into small rooms spaces. When chasing for balance between the rent price and size of the space, it happens that the employees are those who suffer the most, from unfriendly work environment.

We are the example of the right use of office digital signage

We, at Eastidea, are changing the usage of the office digital signage use. For example, our products like ultra short throw laser projector “Luminous S”, converts glass window in to the spectacular window with the forest environment. It gives a feeling of a real jungle. It’s true that green color has a good impact on people’s vegetative system and calms down from any worry.

Why projectors are so great for this interaction compare to the screen?

The reason is hidden in the source of light and how this light absorbed by the human eyes and the brain.

Digital Screen light is the direct source of light from screen to the human eye, where projector, projects on the surface and not directly to the human eye. This light is more comfortable and less irritating.

Other digital signage solutions for office


Twin side Advertising display kiosk digital signage for indoor advertising networks

Ei-Mini Lifter

Ultra short throw led media projector for elevators door advertising

Ei-Slim Dual

Elegant & Slim, fits to any indoor usage scenario

Made for elevator & indoor advertising


Digital signage display for Indoor Advertising

Grow your Ad Network beautifully


Today’s office digital signage is an integrated part of office interiors. Harmonized approach of office digital signage use, amplifies companies’ culture and employees treat. Use digital signage not only in common areas for displaying work related information. Create cozy environments motivate and support various employee’s initiatives by showing the relevant content. Use In reception, elevators and lobbies areas for displaying media and data-driven content, and in working area design driven media to bring peace of mind and keep employees focused on their daily work with most comfort.

Eastidea is an AdTech Provider for your future office digital signage media network. We help companies to integrate the Digital Signage with work space environment to achieve higher results with care to your employees.



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