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  • Dmitry Shklyar

"DOOH CONNECTS: China 2021 " was the best we ever had here!

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Last Friday, January 15th within the “DOOH Connects: China conference”, DOOH industry experts from China and overseas shared their opinions, ideas, and experiences relating to the digital out-of-home advertising industry. The event has been hosted by DPAA (Digital Place-based Advertising Association) and Shanghai-based Eastidea company, a member of DPAA.

OOH is an active space and offers a variety of great environments for targeting by context, demographic, and mindset. While digital advertising is losing confidence in the effectiveness of driven traffic, DOOH continues to gain its strength and is expected to become a major force in the out-of-home space. Obviously, after facing enormous challenges related to the pandemic, the digital OOH media industry is going through a major transformation. And we’re here to help you to discover what trends will impact the media industry in the year ahead. Keep reading and you can also watch “DOOH Connects: China 2021” over on our YouTube Channel to see all the performances in full!

The first-ever 2021 DOOH Connects: China conference started with a series of presentations of the media companies and their representatives.

Xinchao Media 新潮传媒

The first presentation was given by Boris Sun, Senior VP and VP of R&D Department of XinChao Media Group "DOOH Practice of Xinchao Media".

“With increasing fragmentation and digitalization in the media industry, XinChao Media’s digital out-of-home advertising has made remarkable progress - OOH has fully entered the new age of intelligent advertising. Furthermore, the successful cooperation between Xinchao Media and Miaozhen System fulfilled brands' requirements for real-time ad fraud detection and prevention by offering fully-automated digital monitoring.”

Currently, many brands are looking forward to new advances in the measurement of outdoor advertising data which will be a boost for the entire industry and especially for ensuring the effectiveness and transparency of the brand’s advertising campaigns.

Miaozhen Systems 秒针系统

The discussion has been continued by Miaozhen Systems' research “Confidence and Trust, Embrace the development of DOOH in China” presented by Jane Zhao, President at Miaozhen System. The presentation was mainly focused on how the OOH advertising industry in China is changing after the pandemic.

“In December 2020, outdoor people traffic really returned to normal since lockdown. According to outdoor scene data reports, the actual people flow of central business buildings, residential and office buildings have exceeded the original 100%..... Every year since 2015, Miaozhen Systems’ team publishes the China Digital Marketing Trend Report. The latest report shows that more than 59% of advertisers will remain previous OOH strategies or ready to shift budgets within DOOH campaign line items, the second and the third places occupied by digital and OTT (over-the-top) advertising. In 2021, elevator media was ranked #1 as it has perfected the art of closing the loop of measurements.”

Moving Walls

We had a great session with the CEO at Moving Walls, Srikanth Ramchandran, about how “DOOH Measure, Reach, and Influence Moving Audiences".

“COVID-19 in 2020 has caused serious damages to the OOH media industry. At the same time, the global pandemic has also accelerated the media industry's digital transformation and will create new opportunities in 2021. It emphasized that the supply of external screens supported by technology is growing, and it also creates huge opportunities to influence mobile consumers. In the future, brands and agencies can execute campaigns anywhere in the world via centric media buy”

Panel Discussion w/ Xinchao Media, Miaozhen Systems, Phoenix Metropolis Media, and GroupM Programmatic

A panel discussion is underway on "What are the challenges and opportunities for China DOOH automation and programmatic advertising?” being moderated by Victor Zhang, Co-founder of Eastidea Media Technologies. Among the panelists included Boris Sun, Sr. VP of XinChao Media, Jane Zhao, President of Miaozhen System and Liang Zhiyong, GM of the marketing department of Phoenix Metropolis Media, and Lisa Guo, Managing Director of GroupM Programmatic.

“There is no truly DOOH Programmatic in China. To some extent, we are currently in the process of automation. It is kind of the initial stage of programmatic”

- Boris Sun, Sr. VP of XinChao Media

“OOH data measurement strategies need to be brought up and taken into serious consideration”

- Jane Zhao, President at Miaozhen System.

“DOOH automation and programmatic may affect traditional sales strategy and operation security in media owner’s point of view if we rush into inappropriate digital transformation strategy”,

- Mr. Liang Zhiyong, Phoenix Metropolis Media

“Would it be of help for media planning on a combination of brand effectiveness and sales conversion together if we proceed omnichannel strategies?”

- Ms. Lisa Guo from GroupM, lastly provided us with an insightful direction.

All participants agreed that from a media buyer's perspective, the programmatic transaction needs to be considered comprehensively, not take DOOH alone.

In the next session, we were virtually joined by expert guests included Ben Lin, CEO at VIOOH, Remi Roques, General Manager at Broadsign APAC, Andreas Soupliotis, Founder & CEO at Hivestack, Barry Cupples, Global CEO at Talon Outdoor, Akama Davies, Director & Global Solutions at Xaxis, Greg MacDonald, Vice President at Verizon Media.


Ben Lin, CEO at VIOOH gave us a presentation on "Programmatic OOH: Introduction & Benefits":

"Currently, we're testing China market to understand what works and what doesn't and we hope to find more media agencies and channels – including programmatic demand-side platforms (DSPs) - to build successful cooperation within the future."


Remi Roques, General Manager at Broadsign APAC:

"That's what happened with programmatic trading in 2020... On April 4th, 2020 the number of advertisers trading programmatically on our platform looked like this. Zero. It's just stopped. No one was trading on our platform. But we saw the light at the end of the tunnel and on December 25th, 2020 our trading was not only recovered but doubled in activity compare to pre-covid time".


Andreas Soupliotis, Founder & CEO at Hivestack:

“We've made huge investments replicating our entire platform to work on a totally different internet in China. We feel there is a huge outside opportunity to bring money from global brands outside of China, who wish to invest in building brand equity inside China"

Virtual Panel Discussion w/ Talon Media, Version Media, Xaxis

We’ve put together the leading agencies and their global executives Barry Cupples, Global CEO at Talon Outdoor, Akama Davies, Director & Global Solutions at Xaxis, Greg MacDonald, Vice President at Verizon Media to chat about the impact of a pandemic on the DOOH industry and different perspectives on programmatic advertising.

Our overseas colleagues also have expressed interest in entering into the Chinese DOOH market. Fantastic news!

China has rich and complex available audience data resources. The pandemic has accelerated China's DOOH digital transformation and innovation. And we do believe that in 2021, China's DOOH will usher in a fresh start. Perhaps China's DOOH is so dynamic it will become a global highlight, who knows? 😏

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