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Before starting your own digital elevator advertising media network, you should read this!

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Get familiar with the elevator advertising indoor digital media business

Eastidea® AdTech for digital advertising in elevators
Eastidea's one stop solutions for creating digital elevator advertising networks


  1. Elevator cabin: the space inside the elevator

  2. Ad placement location: elevator doors, elevator walls, entrance hall, elevator waiting area

  3. Media advertising medium: digital advertising screens, digital media projectors

  4. Digital media & advertising network: a number of digital advertising screen, or media projectors operated, managed in one network.

  5. A media owner/ network operator/ media company: In elevator digital advertising network owner

  6. CMS (content management platform): On-line Digital Signage, Media and data management platform for managing in one hand all elevator advertising network devices.

  7. Advertising content: a digital media content such as videos, images, sounds etc.

  8. Exposure rate: the coverage area of a number of people can see the ads.

  9. Shows: the number of times the ads been displayed via advertising in elevators network

  10. Impressions: the number of views or in other words how many times the advertising been seen

  11. Conversion: The number of views compared to the number of ad plays during ad campaign in elevator advertising.

  12. Proof of play: the final report of the elevator advertising campaign.

Understanding of the elevator digital advertising market:

One of the first questions we receive daily is about the costs of Eastidea products for elevator advertising digital screens, media projectors and software. In reverse, we’ll always ask first about the background of the person who is interested in Eastidea AdTech. The reason is simple. We need to understand either the person or a company who reached us, do understand the ads in elevator advertising market and how deep he/she understands its own town, city, country elevator advertising “playground”.

We’ll always recommend first to do a business survey or research where its main purpose of the research is to estimate the number of elevator advertising ad placements, like number of buildings with elevators cabins, their physical address, and approximate number of the ads in elevators exposure rate.

This information is very useful in a term of creating a business value propositions to the future advertisers.

  1. Analyze in elevators advertising media owners’ competitors in your region and learn about how many in elevator media advertising mediums (broadcasting points) they use. Go and check their digital format and define how technologically speaking you want to better than them.

  2. Analyze the digital elevator advertising media owners competitors selling price of the digital advertising in elevators and on what type of media format. Or you can use our help to understand the market pricing trends

  3. Ask for proof of advertising campaign plays and see their options.

  4. Think about the areas in your city you want to cover and estimate number of ads in elevators placement locations. We would recommend thinking towards the following:

    • Ads in elevators network in residential buildings. The advantage is that your advertising network will be very attracting for advertisers by reaching residents at their homes.

    • Business towers Ads in elevators network.

    • Mixed advertising media network in Medical or Government institutes

Ask your self what type of elevator advertising media you would like to be?

This is very important question of positioning yourself on the market. From our, Eastidea perspective we see three types of ads in lifts digital media ownership:

  • Sole owner of elevator advertising digital media network. In this scenario you run and own the advertising network. The technical operation and advertising broadcast time is under your full control,

  • Ads in elevator digital network provider. In this scenario you own the digital assets network for ads in elevators and rent it out to other local advertising agency. The local advertising agency is responsible for selling ads in your elevator network and pays you the monthly fee for using your in-elevator advertising digital media network of device

  • Franchise elevator advertising network. You can be the franchise owner of ads in elevators network and just to provide the technology to the third party where your business is a AdTech integrator.

What's the good locations and the digital advertising mediums to start with:

Usually, we’ll recommend to look towards 50-100 “grouping” elevator ad placement locations.

This number is good for your business MVP “Minimum Viable Product” and proof of concept.

What's the best practice and choice for elevator digital advertising digital signage hardware?

Since our company major business focus in digital advertising in elevators networks, we offer two types of elevator advertising hardware:

1. LCD narrow screens EI-Series:

a. Slim Dual screen with a size of 18 inches and 10.5 inch. Two-in-one screen digital signage b. Slim UNO 21.5-inch screen is our new LCD screen model.

Both screens are powerful advertising digital signage specially made for in elevator advertising. These two models are specially developed for digital ads in elevators powered with Intel and ads video analysis tools. Suitable for in elevator advertising cabin usage and at the front of elevator digital out-of-home advertising.

2. Ultrashort throw advertising projector Ei Mini Lifter. Suitable for elevators doors advertising powered with distance measurement sensor and ads video analysis tools.

Eastidea won’t recommend purchasing a large format advertising screen bigger than 21.5 inch as it's expensive and not really suitable for elevator advertising. In addition, we won’t recommend purchasing an elevator screen with mirror as it's not good for advertising and only suits for interior design instead of doing pure advertising.

How to manage the elevator advertising digital media network?

We provide our partners with digital signage hardware and CMS software for advertising in elevators digital media network. Our provided CMS software allows unifying all digital signage media devices no matter if its elevator advertising media projector Ei-Mini Lifter or Ei-Slim series in to one network. The CMS software is an on-line dashboard which allows simultaneously take control over the whole digital media devices on remote. Its crucial fact for smooth operation of elevator advertising network.

More over by using our software our partners get their hands on real ads data and advertising campaigns performance. This approach gives a lot of benefits for elevator advertisement campaigns monetization and providing proof of ads plays for end customers.

Becoming a digital media network provider for advertising in elevator

is a bulletproof business trend of upcoming 2023.

The key for successful operating an elevator advertising media network relays on enormous growing of elevator advertising spaces in every country. The higher the elevator foot traffic the easier it will be to secure advertisers to purchase the advertising spaces. And don’t forget to consider a revenue split arrangement with the owner of the building or property manager of the building and develop interesting ways to display the advertisements.

Start your own business in Digital advertising in elevators in your place. We make sure to provide you with the advance technology for your business, business elevator advertising market knowledge.

We keen to long term relations and your future success.

Reach to us to learn more about Digital-out-home advertising in elevators networks business.



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