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  • Dmitry Shklyar

Digital signage for Retail

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

3 Best tips of how to use retail digital signage

Nowadays, digital signage for retail, became to be golden standard tool for creating a better communication between the shoppers and the brands. But we often see that, there is a big problem how brand marketers use digital signage, the knowledge of how to operate instore digital signage, how to create selling content and not just brand awareness content, and how to integrate instore digital signage with interior environment, and what is important is how to improve stores daily revenues by using Digital Signage in retail.

Tip 1: Hire the head of digital

Head of digital is not just a marketing person. Find a person with a hands on on-line/off-line marketing technologies. Has Tech or IT background and deep understanding of instore digital signage. Who knows how to operate and control retail digital signage assets. If it’s hard to find, make sure, you have a 3rd party Av vendor who will operate your digital signage in retail under your marketing team.

Tip 2: Create visual content specially made for instore digital signage

In the most cases brand marketers consider the retail digital signage as an extension market channel tool for communication with on-location shopper or as interior digital signage decoration. We find its wrong thinking way. In-store digital signage major purpose is to create added brand value and digital selling “power points”. Quite often Brands will use the brand commercial video reels with low focus on the product itself. It’s just wrong to distort shopper attention from choosing product in the store. Too fast, too bright videos with no meaningful messages are not good for Retail digital signage. We often see in retail stores, brands are showing videos with low, unmatched resolutions, by doing this marketers are harming the brands values and brand recognition.

Example of non proper visual content. Cropped image, yellow characters on the bottom of the image

Example of good use and eye catchy in-store Digital Signage selling content

Tip 3: Digital Signage in Retail needs to be visible

It happens often, brands use nonprofessional instore digital signage equipment, the reason for it is lack of knowledge and sometimes budget optimization. Recently we see more and more brands are using Home TV for running ads in store windows or at store isles instead of using professional digital signage for retail. First it damages the look of interior environment, second, home TV’s are made for home usage not for store use, third is lack of brightness brand message cannot be seen clearly, fourth is not aesthetically pleasing and not friendly for shoppers. Before buying any digital signage for retail you need to consult with major decisions makers in your company: Sales director, Store Director, Head of Digital, Interior design and last is the CFO. The best will be to reach out to Retail Digital Signage provider and learn what they will recommend.

Example of non proper use of TV screen installed in the shop window. The Ads cannot bee seen from out side

Example of proper selling content with the focus on a product with good visibility

We combine Retail Digital Signage technology with human psychology

In Eastidea, we believe that any digital signage in retail need to amplify the in-store sales and improve brand awareness without reducing brand quality based on mistakes which we listed above. By using non proper Digital Signage inventories, content like videos and messages which has no connection to instore selling process, will impact brand awareness dramatically. Our "Digital Signage philosophy" saying that, instore Digital Signage interior design must come in harmony with the store environment.

We bring you the example of the right use of Instore Digital Signage

We at Eastidea are passional about Digital signage retail solutions, we have a long story of doing AV retail instore integrations. We understand what Digital Signage in retail is used for. If you need assistance in creating visual design and suitable for retail commercial use Digital Signage, our team will be more than happy to assist you at any time.

Digital Signage Ei-Series products is our Core products for professional media networks deployments in indoor environments. Eastidea is an AdTech Provider for retail digital signage media network need. We help companies to integrate the Digital Signage with the retail environment to achieve higher results with care to the brand and shoppers.

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